Zumba/Yoga in June

We’re so excited! Still just $49/mo (no contracts!!) for 60+ unlimited aerobics/yoga classes a month! Here are a few things to note for June:

  • We’re planning a weekly alternating MW morning yoga/zumba schedule going forward.
  • Evelyn will teach 935 am MW morning Zumba in June, beginning MW Jun 6,8, 20, 22. Lisa will continue the afternoons TTH 430.
  • Evelyn is also going to sub Mon Jun13 at 530 pm. 
  • Jen is scheduled for Yoga MW 935 on Mon May 20, Wed Jun 1, and Mon June 13 (but Lee is going to sub this day), 15, 27, 29. Jen will teach 730 am Yoga on Fridays.
  • Lee will teach all her regular classes, too.
  • Step will be MW at 530 pm, Sun 1035, and TTh 935 except when we have subs. We will no longer have MW 730 am Step.


Anything that has brown sugar and shortbread cookies in the recipe needs to be illegal!


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