We won’t have training Fri Mar 24 or Sun Mar 26. We will have Step at 935 on Friday, but no Yoga, and no Step on Sunday. Please use your key and come on in for a workout. Oftentimes I’m here anyway and can help you decide what to do, but give that new Echelon Fitness Mirror a try! We just received some new bands, both kinds, to use for some of the HIIT and cardio workouts. 


Great for reducing fine lines and improving the clarity of your skin.


Xylitol in another form

Very dangerous for your dog!

Birch Sugar, aka Xylitol, Is Toxic to Dogs
Many pet owners know to keep their pets (especially dogs) away from any traces of xylitol, but they likely don’t know about this sugar that’s really xylitol in disguise. Know what to look for on labels of food & nonfood items to save your pet from its potential side effects liver failure and death.

Vitamin C

“The majority of good vitamin C serums contain between 10-20% L-ascorbic acid combined with vitamin E to ensure that the product is safe yet effective for the skin. Serums with a lower potency of L-ascorbic acid (closer to 10%) are most effective for those prone to irritation. Since many people have different skin types, it is essential that each person caters adequately to their skin needs.” 

Is Vitamin C Really Effective For Anti-Aging? We Asked Dermatologists (

Is Vitamin C Really Effective For Anti-Aging? We Asked Dermatologists
Of all the skincare ingredients that have gone from enjoying cult status to becoming actual must-haves in our routine, vitamin C is way up there with retinol. And one of the reasons why it has become so popular is because it has the backing of dermat.
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