No training or Step this Thursday, July 27. Join Jen for a special Yoga class at 830 that morning and Evelyn for 430 Zumba that afternoon. Use your key to get a workout in anytime except during Yoga class. 

We won’t have training on Friday July 28, either, but we will have Step at 935. Feel free to get a workout in before that at 830 if you like!

The best ab exercise


Push Your Plate Away 😁

Your abs can look like a pan of raviolis but if you’ve got a lot of lasagna on top, you’re never gonna see them.

Seriously, this article is a great one and emphasizes why we don’t spend a lot of time doing ‘ab’ exercises. The ones we do are often on a ball (or BOSU, as Menno suggests) or are associated more with ‘core work’ like planks, side planks, and pikes, all on the TRX.

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