SoftShape is a preview to our popular SuperShape program…the goal of SoftShape is to get you into the SuperShape training where you can get more training and longer sessions.  Perfect if you are a beginner, are more mature, have old injuries, etc., but it is also required before moving up to SuperShape, a program that requires high-speed intervals and advanced sports moves.
Please get your doctor’s approval to begin any exercise program.

SoftShape students come in all ages and fitness levels.  They get great workouts with more personalized attention and all of our Women’s Fitness Classes free!

  • Small Group Personal Training (6 to 9 women per session)
  • Meet Three times a Week for 4 Weeks
  • Shorter Sessions (30 minutes)
  • Simpler Exercises
  • No Measurements (Our goal is to get you back into the swing of things with no pressure)
  • Optional Food Diary, positive nutritional support through our AlamoCafe page
  • Free Aerobics Classes (All of our Women’s Fitness Classes included at no extra charge – 160+ classes – normally $39*/month)
  • 1/6 The Cost Of Private Sessions ($139* – already includes tax! – for the entire 4 week-package)
  • Lose Body Fat ~ Restore Lean Muscle Tone ~ Increase Bone Density

The picture above is Nancy Beshaler, a SoftShape student who “graduated” to SuperShape.  She has lost a total of 30 pounds and at 50+ years has made changes she never thought possible.

I HAVE to share this with you…. I went shopping yesterday and tried on a pair of jeans in size 6… AND IT FIT! OMG, I couldn’t believe it. I assumed it was a fluke, you know, sometimes things run large. So I tried on another size 6,… AND IT FIT TOO! Just so you know, I told myself a couple years ago that I’d never be in a size 6 again… I said it out loud, and I believed it. Size 8 was my goal, which I got to a few weeks ago without reaching my weight goal yet. I can’t take all the credit for my success. I owe a lot of it to you. Your emails with exercise and nutrition information are helpful, the ladies at Super are inspirational, and of course – it’s YOU that makes it all work. I know you’ve heard it lots of times from others, but I really do appreciate how passionate you are about what you do and I thank you for being patient with me and giving me a format to help me see what I didn’t even think I could do.

“He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; One cannot fly into flying.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche


SoftShape 2018

SoftShapers are encouraged to enjoy extra walking, running, biking, or aerobics/toing classes 3-5x per week in addition to their 3 SoftShape Sessions.  Keep a food diary for even faster weight loss if that is part of your goals.  Ask us for one! E-mail us with any questions and check out  AlamoShape, AlamoCafe, AlamoShape Yoga, and AlmoShape MixxedFit on Facebook.

We will cancel one Friday and one Saturday each month.  They may both be on the same weekend or they may not. You get Friday or Saturday as your thirds SoftShape session for the week, no need to designate, come to one or both!
You may do one free SuperShape and one free Lunch & Lift session each month.

See our Women’s Fitness Class Schedule for more classes, all free in the SoftShape program!

Click here for a printable version of the class schedule.  Share with friends, family and/or co-workers!

Now as popular as SuperShape, this program has grown because it is a great way to feel energized, not exhausted!  The free Women’s Fitness Class schedule has also been expanded to include more low impact and toning classes for beginners! These session times are subject to change with the seasons but for now the schedule above is open.

You can pick from one of 3 sessions for your third session of the week.  You don’t have to designate in advance so just see how your weekend is looking and show up for the one that fits best:
Friday 8:30 am, 5:30 pm (Coed training), or Saturday 10:30 am.

WE WILL SKIP ONE FRIDAY AND ONE SATURDAY SESSION EACH MONTH, just like we do in SuperShape where I take off one Fri/Sat/Sun each month.  I usually try not to do it all on the same weekend so that you have a chance to hit another session, that way you won’t miss out on any workouts for the month.  You also still get your free SuperShape trial each month to see if you are ready for that program.  I suggest you try it even if you aren’t going to move up yet.  We’ll be kind, don’t worry, and it will be fun! 

Please download all sign-up forms from our sign-up page and if you have any serious health conditions please have your doctor’s permission to begin an exercise program. We recommend starting with our $39/month Women’s Fitness Classes as a way to get acclimated to the club, but you can jump right into SoftShape if you are ready!  E-mail us to let us know your preferred session time.  Remember all of our Women’s Fitness Classes are free with your SoftShape payment.  We are looking forward to making your life better!

Lose weight faster! Enjoy better health sooner!  
Go to our AlamoCafe page for free tips on losing weight faster!

Katherene D.

after 20 lbs. lost

Tammy R.

SoftShape Student

Carolyn W.

SoftShape Student

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