This week

We’ve still got 3 weeks left of this ‘long month’ of September training. Here are some details for this week:

Wednesday Sept 15: Please attend 835 am training, 935 Zumba, and 530 pm MixxedFit (instead of Step). No afternoon training, no 6 am Coed, no 835 Yoga.

Thursday Sept 16: No training, no 935 step. Please attend 830 Yoga and 430 or 530 Zumba.

Friday Sept 17: Please attend 6 am Coed training, (no other training) or try a special 830 Yoga/935 Zumba with Sarah. We no longer have a 530 pm Zumba class on Fridays. 

Sat/Sun Sept 18 & 19: No training, No aerobics.


Earth Talk: How can we make laundry greener?

Prevention of Alzheimer

The Top 5 Food Sources. Folate Is Directly Linked to the Prevention of Alzheimer’s. Let’s bust the myth that this vitamin is only relevant if you’re pregnant.

New Study Shows Folate Foods Help Prevent Alzheimer’s | Well+GoodMany people don’t think about integrating folate or folic acid into their diet until they’re trying to get pregnant, which is an unfortunate oversight. In fact, a new scientific study just


These are the paper & cleaning products we are using at the club right now. It’s a great way to help reduce plastic in our environment. They are 100% plastic neutral and by 2025 they will be plastic free. The coupon code is good for any of you to use if you’re interested. I don’t get anything out of it, lol so it’s not a pyramid scheme! 

Yes you will have to enter some PayPal or credit card information to get started but you can stop it at any time. The starter kit is pretty awesome stuff.

I recommend the detergent, the hand gel, the dish soap, and if your trash is mostly paper then the trash bags are good enough. I put a heavier duty plastic bag in my trashcan and then use the recycled plastic bag inside of that and then I get to determine when I’m going to throw it out whether I need the extra coverage.

 Anyway lots of information, but it’s hard for the individual to make a big impact, it’s really choosing to use companies that are trying to do the right thing that can make a difference. Their skin care products are really amazing with a lot of great organic and animal/environmentally friendly products. Let me know if you have any questions.

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