Deadlifts vs. Squats: Which Is Better for Lower-Body Strength?

Short answer: Do them both. Long answer: Do them both carefully!


Each registration fee of $60 sponsors one pair of military boots for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can choose to add additional socks and boots to your order. 

Raise money for Ukrainian defenders while running this October
Runners can sign up for first “#RunWithUkraine–Give Boots to Defenders event now, or any time this October, and know that the entirety of their race fees are going toward a good

Oat Milk Vs Almond Milk: What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking to get more plants in your diet, plant milks are a great option. Sodium, protein, and calcium needs may be your deciding factors. Remember, Fairlife Ultra-filtered fat-free cow’s milk only has 80 calories and 13 gr of protein with only 8 gr of sugar. If you aren’t object to dairy it’s also a great choice.


If you are a public school teacher, frontline public health worker, or veteran – you may be eligible to have all your federal student loan debt forgiven under temporary changes to the PSLF Program. Apply by October 31. Learn more at

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