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Rebel against fear, apathy, the expectations of others, your own self-doubt.

At AlamoShape we’ve always gone above and beyond, never accused of offering an ‘average’ workout, but now we are taking your workouts to a new level and rebelling against any confines….RebelFit is a new coed training program at AlamoShape, offered before our women’s fitness programs start in the morning and after they end in the evening.

SuperShape, FitGuy, and even SoftShape members are already familiar with the high-intensity cross training including functional moves that vary from day to day. The difference between our current cross-training programs and the RebelFit program is the inclusion of Olympic lifts such as cleans and jerks, a set workout of the day (WOD) for everyone, the time component of the WOD itself, and of course, the coed atmosphere which allows you to workout alongside your significant other, your kids, or just any friend of the opposite sex. 

Be challenged by experienced trainers in high-intensity cross-training coed workouts. Learn proper form with kettle bells, battling ropes, pullups, squats, deadlifts, cleans, box jumps, sprints, and more!

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All SuperShape, SoftShape, Lunch & Lift and FitGuy members can attend RebelFit workouts at no extra charge. Folks who join RebelFit can attend SuperShape and FitGuy sessions as well. SoftShape has limited space in its program and reservations need to be made for that each month.


Experienced trainers have designed cross-training formats to challenge your strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and more. No matter what your fitness level RebelFit can help you make it better. You start with the weight and modifications you can handle and progress at your own pace, motivated by team members who have been where you are and have met goals you want to reach. describes how cross-training workouts can be accomplished by anyone from beginner to advanced:

“Rather than having one workout for older women and another for hardcore athletes – there’s ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your skill. For example, if the workout calls for squats with 135 pounds but you can only do squats with the bar (45 pounds), then that’s where you’ll start. If you’re injured and can’t do squats at all, a similar movement will be substituted, and if the number of reps is too many for your current ability, that will be reduced. As you get stronger and more experienced you’ll work your way towards eventually doing the workouts as prescribed. [This program] has built-in teamwork, camaraderie, and competition. Almost all workouts have a time component to them, where you either have to finish a certain number of repetitions of exercises in a certain amount of time, or the time is fixed and you need to see how many repetitions you can do of an exercise.”

We do not currently have plans to charge extra for this exciting program. Please help us spread the word and expand our club offerings so we can keep affordable pricing on our cost-effective programs that produce incredible results.

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