Training clients, your key is worth $149. 

  • If you aren’t continuing the following month you must return your key to me before the end of the current month. (New members will get a key their second month.)
  • Try to attend a scheduled training time, otherwise, GREEN means gym is available. RED means gym is not available (cleaning, Yoga, private). 
  • Email updates will trump the schedule. For example, this Friday 835 training is cancelled and we have Yoga instead. You can use your key before or after, but not during that Yoga class.
  • Refer to the attached schedule (save to your phone, or get a printed copy from me) it’s not as confusing as it looks!
  • In a nutshell: Open Gym is Mon-Fri 11-4, Sat/Sun 11am – 6 am the following day. 
  • As I trust in you, thank you for your trust in me to follow through on my commitment to a great, accessible facility and awesome programming for our members ❤️????????️‍♀️????‍♂️????‍♀️????‍♀️

Spread the word, CYCLING CLASSES have started!

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