ONE MORE Change in cancelled days

So sorry…instead of taking off Fri Oct 15 we will take off Fri/Sat Oct 22 & 23. I’ll probably teach Step at 935 (will confirm later) and head north for a pumpkin-carving party with the wee ones! Jake will teach 6 am Coed and Sarah a special 830 am yoga class. 


Jake will be taking off tomorrow, Monday, Oct 11, 6 am training so please attend 835 am or 430 pm, both of which will be coed on this day only. Jake will also need to take off Fri/Mon/Wed Oct 29/Nov 1/Nov 3 so please attend our regular training sessions on those days.


“A study in BMJ looked at adults who frequently suffer from migraines. Participants who followed a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids sourced from fatty fish, like salmon and sardines, for 16 weeks experienced a shorter duration of headaches per day and fewer instances of headaches per month. This was compared with those who followed a control diet with normal levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Especially good was a diet with high omega-3s and low omega-6 fatty acids from vegetable oils and seeds.” read more in the article

Plate of foods with omega-3 for migrainesOmega-3 for Migraines – IDEA Health & Fitness AssociationIf the thought of dinner tonight gives you a piercing headache, consider searing up some salmon to get some omega-3 for


“…depression is not a moral failing. Cognitive therapy and medication might work well for many, but in severe cases more professional intervention might be needed. For Sarah, a cure wasn’t found through fixing her attitude and thinking positively. She had a measurable imbalance that required medical assistance. Society doesn’t have a stigma against those suffering from physical ailments such as broken legs and autoimmune disease, and stories like Sarah’s can help us understand that mental illness is no different.”


Patient's depression immediately 'switched off' using an experimental new brain implant
Patient’s depression immediately ‘switched off’ using an experimental new brain implant
No other treatment had helped her symptoms, until

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