The rest of November

Remember, November is a long month ending Dec 4; we end up taking off 10 days of training. The remaining days off are: 

Fri Nov 26 (try 6 am coed or 730 am Yoga!)

Sun Nov 28

Mon Nov 29 

Sat Dec 4

(December will be a regular month of training and we’ll just take off Christmas weekend, that Fri/Sat/Sun.)


We never skip a workout on Thanksgiving Day (that’s something to be thankful for!) but this year we’ll have two workouts and a yoga class, too! Try your normal 7:30 am training followed by 830 am Yoga and 935 Step; then come back for a 530 pm training session if you like. Both morning and evening training sessions will be coed this Thursday, Nov 25.


Not only can you get a workout every day at AlamoShape, you can also double up on the fun by doing two-a-days. This can be the same workout (research shows you can get stronger by splitting the same workout in half and doing them about 8-12 hours apart) or by doing a workout from earlier in the week. You can also make your second workout an “easier” one like a yoga class, Booty Day, MetCon, or just come in for an hour of cardio on your own. Either way, take advantage of the multiple sessions a day offered to you and stay ahead of the holiday weight gain train! 

Image for article titled How (and Why) to Do Two Workouts a DayHow (and Why) to Do Two Workouts a Day
I do two workouts most days: a session on a spin bike in the morning, and weightlifting in the afternoon or evening. But I remember a time when two-a-days sounded like an incredible amount of work …
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