No cancelled training Sunday

Because gyms will be required to close for 2 weeks beginning Monday, I’ve decided not to cancel training for this Sunday. Please try to get to the gym for training tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday for 935 training and 1035 aerobics. 

Dec discount

I will be giving the aerobics only gals a 50% discount for December. Training clients will also receive a discount of 25% because training doesn’t end until Dec 5. We will not take off anymore cancelled days that week so you’ll get a full week of training. 

Equipment rental

I will be renting equipment for those who would like it. Please plan on picking it up Sunday at noon and returning it Sunday Nov 29 at noon.  Let me know what you need. I wouldn’t be able to do it in trade this time…it would be at a slightly lower rate than the last time, but it would be rent and then return, no refund of monies. I don’t expect to be able to take advantage of much in the way of state unemployment and any rentals should help cover the costs of December discounts. 

Please DO NOT try to help me out in any way financially as some of you so graciously did during the last closure. Even though I was able to give 1/2 of June free, and all of July if you continued paying one month ahead, I do not want the accounting nightmare or ensuing misunderstandings that occurred because of your thoughtful gesture. You all are amazing and this situation is hard on all families, just take care of yours.

Small House for sale

On another note, I do have a cute 2 Bedroom/1 bath 1984 trailer on a secluded street here in town that you might be interested in for yourself, an aging parent who needs a smaller space, or a college-age student who wants to be out on their own. It would also be a great investment property and could easily rent for $650 a month. The price will be $39,000 and it will be available by Nov 29. New paint inside and out, new flooring, new covered porch, a 2-car carport and a small shed come as part of the place. I will also be offering an allowance for a mini-split to replace the evaporative cooler that we removed. It’s really adorable and private with lots of trees and a large fenced yard. I’ll post pictures as soon as the new flooring is put in next week. 

If I don’t see you before then, Happy Thanksgiving and you have my blessings to put up your Christmas decorations during this down time, lol. It’s my favorite holiday and I know I’m going to make it last as long as I can.

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