Friday and Sunday

We will not have regular training this Fri (tomorrow) and Sun but feel free to come to aerobics and/or our 5 am Fri Coed training with Jake. We’ll be giving him next Wed off as well as the Fri after T-Day. We’ll figure out his Monday off soon. 


Once again we have a member with Covid. A training client’s husband tested positive the evening after she attended a training session. She tested positive, too, a few days later. The member, like our other client, is doing well.  Yet another member tested positive after someone at her job tested positive. She thought hers was a sinus infection (a common theme). A round of antibiotics (probably to fight off any bacterial lung infections) and a round of steroids seems to help people recover more quickly. 

We greatly appreciate these gals for letting us know about their exposure and positive tests. There is no judgment. Most of us will contract it at some point. Their openness is good for two reasons:  It allowed me to make their teammates aware so that they could test as well. They have the reassurance they are not positive and passing it on to compromised family members. Furthermore, it reinforces that the actions we are taking as a gym are beneficial and working.  

As for myself, my SO tested positive but I did not; we always wear masks around each other since his gym doesn’t enforce face coverings and avoided any contact as soon as he felt off. He had a much more difficult recovery since he waited about 10 days to get tested, but again, the steroids helped shortly after starting them.  

The point behind all of this is that, yes, many of us will get exposed through someone else, most of us will recover without problems, RX does seem to speed that up, and finally, the things we are doing at our gym (social distancing, requiring face coverings, hand washing, constant disinfecting) seem to be working to keep any infected members from spreading it to other members. Thanks for helping us to keep our gym safe and open. 

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