Official opening of AlamoKids Thursday!

We’ll start accepting kids at 815 am Thursday, YAY!

See the attached sign for some basic info regarding our AlamoKids PlayRoom!

Email me for more info and check out our Facebook page and website tomorrow for the forms.

Monday Feb 17 we will have most training and all classes. Try 6 am coed, 835 SoftShape, 4 pm SilverShape or 430 pm SuperShape. No 530 pm Coed today. FitGuys can join Jake at 715 pm for a bonus session.

Non-alcoholic drinks

The Modern Mocktail: 3 Distinctive Nonalcoholic Drink RecipesHow to make three nonalcoholic cocktails that will have your guests asking for another round. Also, learn some basic tenets of what makes a delicious mixed drink (with or without alcohol)
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