I want you to know I wonder how each of you are doing during this unprecedented time, but you know it’s all about me, hahaha, so I’m going to tell you what’s been going on here. 

I’m a loner, so the distancing isn’t very hard for me, but the ‘not knowing’ is a challenge. The only way for me to deal with it is to take action. As you may know if you’ve been on our business Facebook page, I’ve downsized and remodeled the club. Everyone that has seen it so far has just loved it and that makes me happy! I had help from many of our members as we masked or distanced to accomplish various tasks ranging from painting to removing wood flooring to reinstalling wood flooring, to moving equipment and rehanging awesome photos. 

After 4 weeks of hammering/moving/painting we had a super-stressful event…The landlord’s business next door flooded 2 days before we were ready to reinstall the floor, but after we had already placed the rubber flooring and all of the equipment in the new training room. We had to rush to get everything out of the rooms affected (all the way from one end of the building to the other!) and put it into the parking lot or other rooms until the new spaces dried. It was very challenging but what can you do but take one day at a time? 

After about 10 days of drying out spaces with industrial fans we had started installing the new wood floor and wouldn’t you know it, they had another plumbing leak! We were able to catch it in time before we had too much damage, but it set us back another week. With all that said please know that I’m thankful for being able to pursue my passion and excited to bring you something new and fun to come back to!

What I want to know now is how do you want that to happen?

Whether or not you or I think this virus: 

has been overplayed

is a hoax

is the end of the world

is a chance to catch up on scrapbooking, hahaha

…doesn’t really matter. The fact is that we cannot be open if we cannot follow the rules the Governor is going to set forth. Currently we don’t know the exact extent of those rules, but I’m going to guess they involve smaller classes in bigger spaces, separate entrances and exits, fewer members in the club at one time, masks/face coverings/face shields, lots of hand sanitizer and disinfecting as well as longer lag times between classes. 

I’ve redesigned our TRX/RT/BOSU/Rope circuits so that only 3 people at a time will be using that equipment with about 10 feet of space between each of them. It’s a really excellent workout plan and I’m looking forward to you LOVING it as much as you hate it! The training room is in another space and is really very cool and has an amazing vibe to it. We’ll keep those sessions smaller as well. The most we’ll be able to handle at one time for now is about 6 in each space, or 12 people at each timeslot, but that could change. 

I need to know if you are ready to come back on or around June 6 (my guesstimate as to when we can open) or if you feel the need to wait til July or August. We want to schedule training sessions accordingly and need to know our numbers. We want instructors to be able to teach enough classes to capture all the students who want to dance or step or stretch, but need to be able to manage our payroll. On this note please understand that our landlord did not waive our $3150/mo rent and that is why we had to downsize in the first place. I’m thankful for the members who were able to contribute and for the loan programs/assistance that enable me to continue to pay rent on a building we can’t use, but I have to really manage our finances for this club to be sure we can withstand any future disruptions. SOOOO….knowing how many people we have coming back and when will make that easier.  Everyone who was coming in March will get the remainder of June free since you already paid for that. July will be free for training clients thanks to the generosity of our awesome members.

I could go on and on, but if you got this far just know that you are missed, I am fatter, and AlamoShape will adapt!

COVID-19 testing at AlamoShape

AlamoShape, working with the Otero County public health office nurses has set up drive-up testing in front of the gym Wednesday May 27th from 9 am to 11:30 am. If you’re interested please email me at info@Alamoshape.com so I can send you the form to complete in advance.

The procedure is simple: you’ll drive into the parking lot and pull up at the first station where they will confirm your name and information and then you’ll pull to the next station for the swab. It’s a pretty quick and simple method of testing.

No matter how you feel about business closures and the severity of this pandemic, we are stuck with the reality of having to social distance until a viable vaccine is not only found but is capable of being distributed widely.

Science is telling us that more frequent testing will allow people to see if they’re contagious at a particular point in time. If you test weekly then you’ll know more easily which people you came into contact within the past week. Testing and isolation are the way that we’re going to be able to contain this virus and move forward with our lives.
From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS

I was born, and for the most part raised, in a suburb of Boston. My mom always wanted me to go to MIT. I didn’t have an interest in the sciences and definitely wasn’t smart enough for that, but I am smart enough to know that we should listen to the experts. Here is a newsletter that is updated daily with answers to your COVID-19 questions.



If you have good reason to believe you have had COVID-19. https://www.questdiagnostics.com/home/Covid-19/Patients/

Butt-blasting workout

You can still rent weights from us at $1/pound which will go towards your July training!


Grain bowls with cucumber dill sauce

This looked really good!



You can rent a ball from us for just $10; the payment will go towards your July training!


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