If you would like to go without a mask bring your vaccination card and allow us to make a copy of it here at the club and your wish will be granted ????

To be clear…you must bring us a copy of your valid and completed vaccination card, we will make and keep a copy of that card for our records, and you’ll be added to a list of people who can enter and take classes without a face covering. You can, of course, choose to continue to wear a mask and we support that for reasons other than Covid in close indoor settings.

There will be some people who are not yet comfortable with the maskless situation and you shouldn’t assume you know who they are. Keep your distance with or without a mask out of respect for others, please. 

We will still require hand washing for gym members as well as proper social distancing of 6 ft between all members. 


The State of New Mexico has done such a good job containing the virus within our borders that our vaccination rate (51%!!) is outpacing the cases of Covid-19 here. As such the state has decided to follow the new CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated people. If you provide proof of vaccination you can enjoy most indoor and outdoor activities without the need for a mask. Individual businesses are still allowed to institute their own rules.

AlamoShape has determined that we will follow the current science and as long as we can document your fully vaccinated status (both shots of Pfizer or Moderna and the single Johnson and Johnson vaccine) you can go without a mask during any of our workouts. You may, of course, choose to still wear a mask according to your level of comfort…some people may have compromised immune systems or unvaccinated children at home and will prefer to take extra precautions. There’s always the very real chance that masks will be required seasonally when caseloads are up.

Masks no longer required for those who are vaccinated (in most situations) | The NM Political ReportThose who are fully vaccinated can now go without masks in most situations in New Mexico—indoors or outdoors. The state Department of Health followed federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance in making sweeping changes to its suggested mask use. Getting vaccinated is the ticket to a safe and healthy COVID-free future,” Gov. Michelle […]


“However, health experts say coronavirus cases are still spiking in some parts of the country as vaccination rates have slowed and only about 35% of the total U.S. population is fully vaccinated.

The CDC director also cited two real-world studies that looked at 9,000 health care workers in United States and one real-world study from Israel suggesting fully vaccinated people are not likely to carry and spread the virus.

The CDC said it’s possible masking guidelines may return for fully vaccinated people in the future if vaccination rates decrease and coronavirus transmission increases.”

CDC lifts indoor mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people. What does it actually mean?The new CDC guidelines may encourage more people to get vaccinated with tangible rewards, but it may also add to the confusion of mask
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