Attached is next week’s schedule; no morning Zumba but Step and Yoga! 


See the attached poster for smoothie ideas!

Whenever it says honey, if you like things sweet add some artificial sweetener and just a smidge of honey so you don’t overdo the calories. The tropical one looks great! 

Also, adding oats might seem weird, but it tastes good and you just have to be sure you really blend it well. 

I also make a coffee shake by using protein powder with decaf coffee; a little bit of cinnamon or sugar-free caramel drops makes it even more awesome. You can use chocolate or plain protein powder for it. 

Be sure to use greek yogurt for more protein, even in the smoothies that don’t call for it, or use some unflavored protein powder. 

If you just want something light you can skip the protein powder as long as you get enough other protein during the day. 


The 6 Best Foods to Help with Anxiety (And Some to Avoid)
Experts encourage us to eat at least two servings of oily fish (like salmon and mackerel) per week, due to the positive effect on heart health from its high omega-3
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