You’ve probably already joined our amazing AlamoShape instructors doing Facebook Live video workouts; we’re so lucky to have such a great crew! Another option is Active at PopSugar.  I’ve attached a screenshot for the homepage.  It really is free and only took 15 seconds to start an account. The videos start immediately and you can pick length of time/modality and shorten up the options to find what you want to do that day!


You probably know by now that the virus has it’s own timeline. The only way we can influence it is by practicing social distancing. That may mean, for whatever reason,  that you can’t take the chance of heading to the polls for the upcoming primary election on June 2. Use the links below to update your voter registration or request an absentee ballot.  Stay safe, stay home.

Update your voter registration:

Request an absentee ballot:

Absentee Ballot Application – Secretary of State of New MexicoNew Mexico Office of the Secretary of State. New Mexico Capitol Annex North / 325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300 / Santa Fe, NM 87501 (505) 827-3600 / (800) 477-3632 / Email SOS

More Workouts while we are closed

I was hoping to do some one-on-one workouts with you all while the governor’s order was in effect but then they changed it to a stay-at-home order so that went out the window, sorry!  Anyway, see below. Don’t try to digest it all at once. Just do the DB workout first, it’s simple. Then pick out a different one below that and do it with whatever equipment you have. If you need to rent dumbbells, a BOSU, a Step, or a TRX in exchange for training (you’ll get credit for the part of March we missed, don’t worry about that), just let me know. 

The DB workout is simple. The ones below it may require equipment you don’t have available, but they are just workouts I used to do when I’d go out of town. I need to start doing them again, lol…I got tired just reading them! Have Fun!

Dumbbell workout:

This dumbbell workout really works, as long as you use enough weight and take no rest between sets. You can do it at home or if you go to another gym it gives you the opportunity to look around and see what other things you can do in the gym, too, hopefully staying longer and getting in some barbell squats and lat pull downs. 

The moves are continuous, no break in between. All moves are with dumbbells for 10-20 reps. 12 or 15 pounds for most exercises, but if you have other weights available to you then use them to challenge yourself more with heavier weight and then use lighter weights and finish by doing drop sets. You should be able to get 4 sets of all the exercises within the hour.

Do moves standing on one leg where appropriate.

Shoulder press with squat

Triceps kickback

Triceps overhead extension

Biceps curl with lunge

One legged deadlifts (be careful not to round your back!)

chest press one arm moves (one arm remains in the air as you alternate sides each rep)

side plank

scissor abs

Get a drink, you’ll want the break if you are really working quickly! Then repeat the whole sequence for a total of 4 times.

For those of you needing some workouts while you are out of town, here you go! There is a PDF with the TRX workout we did recently and in the body of the email below are some short WODs that are very effective. I sent this to my clients, so ignore the random ego blasts, lol. I tell them what I lift to encourage them to do the same 

Here are some quick workouts that I do when I’m unsure of the gym space I am in and I can’t hog a machine, lol. You can modify anyway you want, of course, but these really work for me. No rest until the end of the circuit, then repeat.


Leg press 12-15 reps then drop down and do 20 full-body pushups, then hold a 2-point plank (alternate arm and leg raise), then do a side plank with rotation, 10 each side. By then you are ready for leg presses again. I did this at Barksdale AFB the other day and ended up with 100 fb pushups and then stopped those and snuck in a few sets of leg extensions when no one was on that machine. I made it to 720 on the leg press, wahoo!!


Yesterday I warmed up with TRX pullups and biceps followed by pendulums with handlifts, then 3-part leg curls, repeated 3 times.

I moved on to TRX handstand pushups followed by IYTX then suspended lunges for 3 rounds.

After that I went to the pullup bar and did 16-20 pullups, then DB biceps, then KB 2-hand/one-arm/high pull/snatch (all in a row), then curtsey lunges 20 each leg, then 16 squat jumps, then catch my breath and repeated 5 times.

After that I did one-arm rows with more curtsey lunges.

Then I did whatever back machines looked fun 


DB flat bench, 15 pushups, DB kick backs, DB overhead extension, then planks, then curtsey lunges.

After 5 sets of this I do DB incline chest press for 4-5 sets and dips if there is a station close by and it isn’t crowded.

Here are several other little workouts I have sent others who are out of town.

Do a daily 5-mile walk/run wearing a weighted vest if possible. They have nice versions where you can add up to 40 lbs of weight. Progress slowly (maybe 2-3 pounds ever few days) or you’ll feel pain in your lower back and knees.

Shoulder workout

Each exercise is done for 8-12 reps, a total of 4 – 6 sets, with HIIT (high intensity interval training sprints) in between:

Barbell overhead press

DB side raise

DB shoulder press

DB front raise

I sometimes do the first 3 sets all in a row, one exercise after the other, then on my heavier sets I break it down and just do the one exercise back and forth with HIIT.

Separate body part circuits (but if you have a lot of time you can do them all in one workout):

Back and Quads

1. Leg Extensions and bicep curls x3

2. Squats x6 and pull-ups x3, alternate lat pull downs x3

3. Butt Blaster and seated cable row or 1 arm DB row x3

Chest and Triceps

1. Dumbbell chest press, dips, inner thigh x4

2. Chest press machine, DB triceps kick back, outer thigh x3

3. DB overhead extension, calf raise x3

Hamstrings and Shoulders

1. Lying leg curl, DB shoulder press x4

2. Seated leg curl, DB side raise x4

3. BB deadlifts, DB front raise x4

Other Sets

BB Squats, 25 pushups x4

Pull ups, Curtsey Lunges x4

Lower body workout

This is based on moves you already know, with 15 two-handed kettle bell swings in between as intervals and a plank as a rest.

4 sets of each before going to next pair of exercises

DB squats/DB deadlifts/KB swings/hold floor plank for 30 – 60 seconds

DB lunges/ball leg curl/KB swings/hold ball plank for 30 – 60 seconds


Butt blasters (with dumbbell behind the knee), also called quadruped hip extension…you should remember these  /KB front squat (hold KB in front of chest and squat down/hold side plank for 30 – 60 seconds each side

Here are some links to some short exercise videos that are good, too:

This is a short 1:36 video with some great, quick exercises, most of these items found in the gym (medicine ball/bosu) and several moves need no equipment.

Here are some calf stretches for you:

3-Minute Stretching Routine for Shin Splints Videowww.sparkpeople.com3-Minute Stretching Routine for Shin Splints Free Online Workout Video

This exercise will strengthen your shoulder blades, helping you stave off an injury:,AAAAAAyfIKM~,Z7erqQ6xUI77rp0-B7hu3P7_riw44g5L&bclid=0&bctid=1129256227001

This website has great little 30-second videos of exercises if you are not quite sure of the form.

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