Current clients: special arrangements

If you are a current training client (Soft/Super/FitGuy/FST/GST) Please contact me personally via this email for special arrangements I have made for your workouts. 


If you paid for March aerobics/training you will be credited that towards April training when we reopen, hopefully April 11.


If you would like to ‘rent’ some of our equipment for the next few weeks you may do so at $1/pd for weights, $2/pd for kettlebells, $100 per barbell, $25 per bench. This is the minimum it would cost me to replace something. When you return the items you will get credit for training in that same amount. In other words, you won’t get a refund, but you also won’t be out any money to use the equipment as long as you return it in good condition. 

Here’s an example:

2 15-pd weights = $30

1 25-pd KB = $25

1 bench = $25

1 Barbell = $100

2 45-pd plates =$90

2 25-pd plates = $50

2 10-pd plates = $20

1 RipTrainer = $50

1 TRX = $50

Total rental = $445 = 3 months credit towards training (plus small $23 usage fee to even it up)


There are some good, short workouts in this link.

1800 calories

If you’re trying to lose weight you probably should stay below this number.


COVID-19 presents a serious health threat to many Americans. Science shows that by implementing social distancing we can slow the rate of infection so that our health-care providers can handle the most serious cases without running out of beds/ventilators, etc. This is not just a threat to “old people” as the most recent research shows a good number of hospitalizations are occurring in patients age 20-40 years old. We are following the NM Governor’s office order to close gyms in the state until April 10. We will not have group classes/training of any kind until that order is lifted. 

Just because Otero County does not have any current positive cases of COVID-19 does not mean that we are ‘safe’ from infection. We have citizens traveling in and out of the state due to work (HAFB, airline employees, etc). The incubation period is suspected to be 5 days during which time you can infect your family members and they can infect others without knowing. Ready the info below from the Washington Post for more clarification. Stay safe! —Rosemarie

If you are a carrier of the coronavirus but have no symptoms, how long are you a carrier or contagious to others? Danielle Bingham, Michigan

Researchers are still trying to definitively answer this very important question, but as I mentioned earlier in the newsletter, a new study found that “stealth transmission” is responsible for many, many cases. Researchers found that in China, where the virus spread like wildfire, infected people may have had symptoms that were so mild, they never got tested

Early on in China, there were likely six people infected for every confirmed case. Consider that when thinking about the current number of cases in the U.S. – more than 4,000 as of Monday afternoon.

Jeffrey Shaman, an infectious disease expert at Columbia University and a co-author of the study, estimates the true number of people infected is an order of magnitude larger than what has been reported. That means there may be more than a million people with the illness globally.

This is why experts are begging people to practice social distancing. Without adequate testing, people who are infected but don’t know it will spread the illness to others. 

Health officials have said the spread of coronavirus in the U.S. should be taken seriously. Efforts to force social distancing – like closing schools, gyms, restaurants and bars – are not overkill. They’re necessary to ensure our health-care system can handle the impending flood of illness.


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