Friday and Sunday, Mar 20/22 are canceled days of training. Please come to any of our aerobics/yoga classes at no extra charge for SuperShape training clients. Tomorrow, Wed Mar 18 and Mon Mar 23, we will not have 6 a.m. Coed. Come to Bonus FitGuy at 715 pm on those days, 530 pm coed or any of our other training sessions for the gals. 


The latest recommendations from the White House are that “In states with evidence of community transmission, bars, food courts, gyms (etc) should be closed.” Please go to 50:01 for Dr. Anthony Fauci’s statement in the attached video.

I contacted the NM Department of Health and have confirmed that there is no community spread of COVID-19 at this time in New Mexico.

Until such time as that may happen we will follow the guidelines set forth today in the live video conference from the White House and limit our classes to smaller groups of 10 in each room including the childcare room.

We will separate the training room from the cardio room with only 10 students in each room and hold separate workouts in each.
All of our aerobics and training areas are combinations of 2-3 separate rooms, 2500 and 3750 sq ft. The BallRoom and front part of the RedRoom will be limited to 10 students each, with a limit of 5 in each of the smaller back sections of the RedRoom. Overflow can be directed to the cardio section of the training room if necessary and numbers allow it.

This is the recommendation from the White House for the next 15 days. The situation is highly fluid as we do not yet have evidence of COVID-19 cases in the Alamogordo area. Please refer to the AlamoShape Facebook page daily for updates on what our personal training center is doing.

In the meantime we are doing every thing possible to limit contact within the gym and aerobics rooms by urging a 6-ft distance between students and limiting training protocols to single-person use of equipment. Avoid hanging out at the front counter/door/shelves for personal belongings. Get in and out. Take a disinfectant wipe with you both directions and use it.

Thank you for your continued confidence in our club. We are family!

LIVE: Vice President Pence and members of the Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

Posted by The White House on Monday, March 16, 2020

One-on-one personal training

If you are concerned (and should be) about being around others, individual training is available at our normal rate of $39/30 min or $59/hr.

We are navigating the current situation responsibly and under CDC guidance. As noted above, our regular class sizes will be limited to 10 in a room, but if you would rather work one-on-one at a different time email me. We will get through this together!


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Of course it would be temporarily and only if enforced by law. We are hoping NM cases stay low and Otero County (and others!) stay free of any cases, but there is a good chance It’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ gyms may be ordered to close their doors. Fortunately, as a personal training center we are not a regular gym and do not have people wandering about unattended without direction. I’m staying open to the possibility of one-on-one training spread throughout the day for those interested. We will also help you with at-home workouts if the worst case scenario is put in place. The State of NM was proactive in many ways and is helping to ‘flatten the curve’ for our citizens…for now. We will stay abreast of the situation and will also go to streaming of aerobics classes if necessary. The safety of our members, instructors, and associated families if of first importance. 

Remember to “LIKE” our AlamoShape Facebook page for the most current updates regarding our hours.

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