We won’t have training Sat March 26, but there will be a few people going in to get a workout. Let me know if you want to join them and I’ll copy you all on a text. 


If you’re going to join us please pay by the end of this week, even if it is a postdated check. If you’re not joining us, that’s important for us to know, too. As a no-contract club we appreciate the courtesy so we can plan for our club accordingly.


It’s coming up soon (Sat April 2 from 8-12)

We have 2 tables left to put your stuff on if you want to sell your own things. If you just want to donate your cool junk bring it by Fri Apr 1st (text me and I’ll meet you there). We’ve already sold quite a few things (we don’t have any long tables left, no more easels, and just one TRX) but if you’re interested the list of things we’ve got left is at the end of this email. 

Home remedies for pet diarrhea

“How should I eat to get six-pack abs?”

Answer: You first have to know if six-pack abs are really what you want and if you’re prepared to do what it takes.)

Getting ripped abs is a much bigger undertaking than most people realize. There are definite benefits to getting that lean (<10 percent for most men, and <20 percent for most women), but there are real trade-offs too.

Alcohol, processed foods, and desserts all need to be severely limited if you’re trying to lose fat and show off a washboard stomach. Social situations often become difficult. Other interests and hobbies may need to decrease.

However, if you really want to get a six-pack in the healthiest possible way, follow these principles 90–95 percent of the time:

  • eat protein and vegetables at every meal,
  • include healthy fats at most meals,
  • eat a small amount of carbs pre and post-workout only (15 net carbs)
  • limit carbs at all other meals,
  • exercise intensely 4–5 times per week, and
  • get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

Armed with this information, you can have an honest conversation about whether you want the six-pack badly enough. 

(Condensed from IDEA nutrition)


I didn’t even have the specified types of molasses, chicken, or potatoes and it was still amazing. You might have some of the ingredients in your cupboard from holiday baking over the years (ground allspice, ground coriander, ground cinnamon, and ground cardamom) and are looking for a way to use them up.

Few Americans have heard of brain condition that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease 

A condition called mild cognitive impairment may be an early sign of Alzheimer's disease.Few Americans have heard of brain condition that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease : Shots – Health News : NPR
Mild cognitive impairment, a common brain condition, can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. But most people don’t know the symptoms. And some may mistake it for normal
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