For the time being Otero County is yellow and that means we can have a few more people in the club! 

All aerobics/yoga classes can have increased student numbers except for the Tues/Thurs 530 pm session (sorry, we have too many people in the training side of the gym for those classes to expand). 

Be sure to contact your favorite instructors so that they can add you to their class lists. 

Prices are still $7/class or $49/mo. 

Masks or face coverings are still required. 

We still cannot allow congregating in the cafe so your instructor will unlock the door when she has her music ready and class is about to begin.  

If you haven’t completed a new HH/Waiver since the first closure in March please do that on the website (or at the club before your first class). 

Join Us | AlamoShapeSuperShape is the next step after SoftShape and has training sessions available every day. FitGuy is for the men in your life, all ages, and they meet after all the gals are gone…no mixing of the species, LOL! The schedule for all of these programs is on this website, too. Let me know what works for you and you can start right away! All Personal Training clients (SoftShape, SuperShape …

Please keep social distancing, masking, (and vaccinating!) so that we can continue to move forward!


The changes we have made to our training program have been positive and well-received so we will continue the station training (along with booty day and metcon workouts) even as we look forward to relaxed Covid restrictions. We’ve mixed SoftShape and SuperShape together and each individual gets their own station and equipment to use as they work at their own pace. The comradery is still great and the motivation still awesome, but you won’t feel the pressure to keep up with others as you do what is best for your body. At some point we will reintroduce single-body part training for those looking towards competition. Let me know if you’re interested.


Does anybody really need to work their abs for 15 minutes? No.  Ab work can strengthen your abs, but 5-7 minutes a few days a week is enough. Proper nutrition and enough calorie burning will reduce your waistline, but if you can’t get out of the melt your abs away with a million reps mindset then here’s a video for you ????

TOMORROW (and corrected days off)

Following are our cancelled days of training this month which goes through Sat April 3:

Mon Mar 15 (Jake will also need to cancel tomorrow morning Mar 15th, but normally we still have 6 am coed even on cancelled days.)

Tues Morning training Mar 16 (come that evening if you can)

Thurs Evening training Mar 18 (come that morning if you are able)

Fri/Sat Mar 19 & 20

Sun Mar 28

Fri April 2

Please come to aerobics/yoga on cancelled days of training and show up on the other days of training for extra day workouts, and sometimes ‘core team workouts, too!  (The last 2 emails incorrectly showed Wed Mar 24 as a day off…we’ve taken off the one Wed for the month already.)

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