Please see the attached screenshot from the GCRMC website detailing info about the one-shot vaccination available today and tomorrow. Someone you know may need this information. 


We’ll still have Step tonight at 530, hope to see you then!


I would just suggest not digging your heels into the ball on this exercise but place the soles of your shoes on the ball instead.
Hamstring Bridge on Ball Exercise Demonstration | SparkPeopleHamstring Bridge on Ball Starting Position Lie flat on your back with your heels hip-distance apart on the top center of a stability ball, knees and hips bent about 90 degrees, feet flexed, and arms at your sides. Action EXHALE: Keeping back straight, arms down for balance, and abs engaged, slowly bridge hips up off the floor, aiming for a straight line from your shoulder to your hip to your


More exercise demos if you are interested!


Following are our cancelled days of training this month which goes through Sat April 3:

Wed Mar 10

Mon Mar 15

Tues Morning training Mar 16 (come that evening if you can)

Thurs Evening training Mar 18 (come that morning if you are able)

Fri/Sat Mar 19 & 20

Wed Mar 24

Sun Mar 28

Fri April 2

Please come to aerobics/yoga on cancelled days of training and show up on the other days of training for extra day workouts (and sometimes ‘core team workouts, too!)

Remember: March will be a ‘long month’ where we work out for 5 weeks total but take off extra days; you’ll still get 4 total weeks of training and if you come in for the extra days you’ll really get your money’s worth! We usually still have 6 am Coed training on cancelled days and all our regular aerobics/yoga, but this month Jake will need to take off Mon Mar 1st and 15th, so please note those dates on your calendar. 

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