“The bike you never ride is the same as the bike that is stolen.”

 This podcast provided some easy hacks for giving your resolutions staying power. Here’s an example as it relates to convenience: 


Manipulate it to make a new habit stick. 

  1. Make it convenient: Put your bike in a place that encourages you to choose it instead of the car. If it takes 2 minutes to unlock your bike, that’s the difference between doing it and not doing it. 
  2. Make it inconvenient: If you’re trying to watch less TV, put the remote on the top shelf of a closet in another room. Never buy trigger foods in bulk; if you want the KitKat you’re going to have to walk to the store to get it, or get in the car (or on your bike!) to buy the ice cream cone.

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February training started today. If you are continuing, please make your payment asap, or make arrangements to do so later. I always assume someone is continuing unless I hear otherwise before the start of the month, but please let me know either way. The keycode system we were looking at won’t work for our old doors so we will be getting keys made for all training clients to work out on a 24/7 basis. You’ll need to return your key before the end of each training month if you aren’t continuing at AlamoShape. 


These will be part of our $49/mo aerobics/yoga class schedule. We’ve ordered 4 new spin bikes; alongside another one we acquired this weekend, they should provide a good amount of new fun for our aerobics class members. Using our big screen Peloton app you’ll get a good workout with a variety of music styles and a lot of great cycling trainers to motivate you! You can also join in and get a good workout using our recumbent bikes if the thought of a traditional spin bike sounds uncomfortable. We are organizing a few groups of students that want to do these classes at particular times of the day. MW 430 pm, TTH 530 am, and TTH 530 and/or 635 pm are just some of the suggestions. Training clients can warm up with the class and then choose to do a shorter workout in the gym, or join the class after you’ve pumped a bit of iron.  Let us know what works for you!


A fun NatGeo page for your kids, with links to even more fun animal facts. 

Moment of Burrow
Moment of Burrow. Snuggle down! Burrows are holes or tunnels that protect all kinds of animals from things like extreme weather and predators. Get cozy and dig into these photos.


I was surprised at how many of these were really good ideas!

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