Weekend workout timesWe now have the room to add a 4th workout station and so that opens up the weekend timeslots for some more flexibility because we’ll be able to fit up to 12 people in a timeslot instead of just 9. If you’d like to change your Sat or Sun 935 workout to Fri at 6 am, 4 pm, 430 pm or 530 pm (or viceversa), you now have that option. Please let me know your preference asap. If you ever have to miss your regular timeslot I will get you into a makeup slot, just email me (or text if you have my number). 

REQUEST It’s important to put the dumbbells back on the rack they belong on and to put the magnetic plate mates back in the proper place. After Saturday’s workout in went into the gym and was surprised by the disarray. Some of our members are visually impaired…it’s important things are where I told them they would be. Thanks for your attention to this. Also, please remember to bring a small towel for cleaning and a large one for laying on the mats so that we don’t have to spray as much disinfectant in the gym.

JULY For March-paid members only: Due to the amazing generosity of some unknown actors, if you pay for August this week you won’t have to pay for July training. This puts us one month ahead all the time and makes things a lot easier. For those who rented equipment or did trade work for the club,  you have an extra credit and probably don’t need to pay until Christmas, no joke! I’ll get with you personally. For new members who joined or rejoined this month, I’ll get you a special down the road if you stick with us ????
Spark People has some easy-to-do videos when you’re short on time!

Bootcamp: 10-Minute Cardio Kick Workout VideoOur streaming online videos bring exercise, cooking, and healthy living to life!www.sparkpeople.com
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