Friday will be a cancelled day of training. We will only have 6 am coed and our aerobics classes (935 Step and 1035 yoga).

I’m a big NPR fan, lots of great stories, reliable news, and beautiful music. MilkStreet is one of their programs and is a fantastic radio cooking show with questions from listeners, valuable tips, and of course, tasty-sounding recipes. Just a look at their dessert recipes on the website is enough to get you hooked. I hope you take a listen at 89.5 on the local dial sometime!


How to Ripen Avocados Quickly – InsiderAvocado consumption in the United States has doubled over the past decade, and they are a delicious and versatile ingredient in sweet and savory dishes, but it’s important to use them at peak ripeness for optimal flavor and rich, creamy texture.Chef Brooke Williamson, Top Chef winner and owner of Playa Provisions, shares her tips, along with what not to do, when ripening

Health Factor Face-Off: Quinoa vs. Brown Rice vs. Couscous

If you’ve never tried Couscous, give it a whirl…it’s super tasty, with a good amount of fiber and protein.

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