If you’ve found a place to workout other than AlamoShape, good for you, at least you’re moving. If you haven’t been working out since the shutdown, you are really doing your body a huge disservice….the older you get the more likely you are going to suffer injuries/ailments as a result of inactivity. If you used this pandemic as an excuse to not exercise now’s your chance to fess up and get back on the path to wellness! We are expecting a pretty full schedule of classes to start in September and most people are really happy with the social distancing workouts we have set up. Contact your favorite instructors on Facebook and they can put you on their class lists. 


We will take off this Sunday, August 30 and next Fri/Sat Sept 4th and 5th. We don’t have coed training on those days, either, but we will have the aerobics classes, which are just $15 to finish out the last week of August. You’ll still get 4 weeks of training during these long months. I encourage you to get a $10/mo membership at Planet Fitness and workout there on cancelled days. If you need an AlamoShape shirt to show off in let me know, haha.


Aerobics is no longer going to be a part of our training programs, but I will give you a discount if you sign up for both training and aerobics. We’re coming up with new schedules and pricing for September so please let your instructors know which days of the week you’d like to workout, any changes to the aerobics/yoga schedule that would be helpful to you.  We’re expecting aerobics to be $49/mo, training to be $149, and the combined discounted price to do both should be $169. These prices include tax already so you don’t have to bring change. We will finalize prices this Sunday. 


We’re adding a 5th day of training for the gals called “Booty Day” where we’ll use special equipment to target muscle fibers in different way. That will start this week, let me know when you want yours to be. The guys are welcome to come to the 6 am with Jake for extra MetCon and cardio workouts, just let me know which days so we can be aware. 


We’ll be using bands for hip and butt work but this is something you can do until next week!


You heard it at AlamoShape first! I’ve been talking about post-workout nutrition for over 20 years! If you can do both, do it, otherwise, after, and best if it is within 30-45 min of ending your workout.

Is It Better To Drink a Protein Shake Before or After a Workout? 
Timing is everything. 

“Pairing protein powder with carbohydrates from fruit will help muscle recovery. Interestingly, carbohydrate consumption with protein immediately after exercise increases protein synthesis in the muscles,” she says. “Also, when eating carbohydrates with protein, a higher percentage of lean body mass is found.”

Rosemarie Ferrara
“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” —George Eliot

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