See this coming week below for some finetuning, but Jen will teach yoga most Mondays/Wednesdays (935) and Fridays (730) during the month and Lee will continue her T/Th 830 am Yoga. Please join Lisa for afternoon Zumba T/Th at 430.


We’ve got a few schedule adjustments for this coming week:

  • Monday at 935 we will have Step instead of Yoga.
  • Friday we will have 830 Yoga instead of training and Step. 
  • We won’t have 530 pm training Thursday nor 835 Friday, but if you have a key and want someone to work out with, I’ll hook you up. 
  • No training (but we’ll most likely have Step) Sunday, August 7


Made me giggle!

Corn soup and other goodies

You can take the cobs after eating the corn, boil them (2-10 cobs) in a large pot of water for 45 minutes and make a very yummy corn broth for soups and other recipes. The photos make these recipes look soooo good!

Cobble together 3 great corn recipes from chef Kathy GunstSavor the summer with 4 berry tasty recipes; Lettuce enjoy 3 summer salad recipes that go beyond the greens; It’s thyme for herb season: Recipes with parsley, sage and rosemary to start
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