No Yoga this Friday

Jen will be out of town this weekend. Hope to see you at training and Step!


August is usually the slowest time of year for fitness and so we are offering one free aerobics/yoga class to any of your friends who might like to join you during that last month of summer. We still need the hh/waiver forms found on our website (or bring them a paper copy if you like). 

For training clients, please let me know if you are not going to continue training so we can adjust our schedule accordingly. Please make your payment (or arrangements for payment) by Thursday. August training starts Sun July 31 thru Sat August 27.

Plastic-free cleaning

This is the discount code link for the Blueland products. They are powdered form cleaners of all sorts that you simply add water to; use the bottles they provide in the starter kit or save your most recent plastic bottle…forever, lol. I got the starter kit and the laundry tablets. Really awesome idea. I wasn’t really happy with the glass cleaner, but it might have been user error, yikes! I’ve been told Norwex cloths and E-cloths (both available at Amazon) are a great way to clean mirrors with just water. 

Community Covid testing

Please note the information from the Public Health Office regarding continued Covid testing. In a nutshell, you can still order at home tests. If you’d like to do the drive-thru test they are still offering those at the fairgrounds on Wednesdays and Fridays from 830 to 1230. 

  • DOH will continue with “free”/ no-cost Curative, Vault, Tricore and Net Medical for contracted testing through Dec 2022.
  • We will re-evaluate in early December
  • Antigen tests can be ordered online
  • Please share these websites with clients (and staff) who call or come in for in-home test kits.
  • Project Act has been extended through February 2022: Project ACT | Home (
  • Households can order every month
  • Eight tests per order
  • Households are limited to orders

We are not doing testing at the Public Health Office at this time but Curative is still available at the Fairgrounds on Wednesday and Friday from 830 to 230.

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