Jake and Yoga are back!

But not together, haha. It’s great to have them both on the schedule again!

  • MWF 6 am starts up again tomorrow morning, Mon July 12.
  • T/TH Yoga with Jen starts Tues July 13 at 8:30 am. We won’t start the MWF 1030 am yoga again until there is greater attendance (5 or more students)
  • Friday 530 pm Zumba started this week. Please commit to attending if you’d like to keep this class on the schedule!
  • MW 735 pm Buti Yoga is cancelled for now.


July is a ‘long month’ and we take off a total of 10 days (we’ll do it again in September) but you’ll still get 4 weeks of training and more, if you get to every session available.  On the MWF there will still be 6 am coed training and on most days we will also still have aerobics. 

We’re taking off the following days:

  • This Tues evening Jul 13 (we already took off a Tuesday morning); try the 835 a.m. 
  • Sat July 17
  • Mon July 19
  • Fri July 23
  • Sun July 26 (No step today)
  • Wed July 28
  • Thurs July 29

Low Impact


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Meal services

Sometimes it’s worth spending the money to have someone prepare your meals! I also have a few coupons for a week’s worth of meals from EveryPlate if you’d like to try that service. 


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