Training starts Sun Jan 31 and goes through Sat Feb 27. We will probably take off Fri Feb 12, Sun Feb 14, and Sat Feb 20. We will still have Coed training but at 6am in February, though Jake will be taking off Mon Feb 15 so please come to a different session that day. 


This is a great article and references information we’ve talked about in our training for years (sometimes it’s better if you hear it from someone other than me ????)  We do all but 2 of these exercises the adductor machine, instead performing that with bands on booty day or with the KB Squat w/side leg raise) and the lateral lunge (I can show you individually if you want to learn it…it’s not good in group settings because too many people do it wrong ????). We aren’t currently doing the one-legged leg press, though you are welcome to start those again, you just need to keep it light to warm up; it’s best done on the lying leg press.  https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/quad-workouts-for-women-9-workouts-for-strong-sculpted-legs.html?

Quad Workouts for Women: 9 Workouts for Strong, Sculpted Legs | Bodybuilding.comThe four muscles that make up the front of the thigh, affectionally known as “the quads,” are currently having a moment. Not coincidentally, it matches up with more women lifting weights—and squatting in particular. But having muscular or strong thighs, something that was once a point of shame for …www.bodybuilding.com


We will cancel Saturday Buti effective immediately but are ready to start an evening Buti Yoga class as long as we receive payment for February MW 735 pm classes in advance. You’ll have until Sunday to pay if you want to attend the new class. Payment can be made via PayPal at alamoshape.com or by check/cash in person at AlamoShape Suite 765 in the Granada Center, 700 East 1st St. You can also request to be invoiced for credit card payment at in**@al********.com.

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