In recent weeks we have had an individual(s) wearing a lot of perfume into our morning aerobics classes. Today it was really overwhelming. I haven’t been able to figure out who it is yet, but I’m asking you to please refrain from wearing perfume into our club. We have several members with extreme allergies and the floral scents are especially troubling. Thanks for your attention to this.


We’ve got a lot of people interested in Step classes since we started a trial of it last week. We will most likely continue the MW 530 step class in February as well as the new morning schedule we’ve started.  If you think you’d also like to attend a class on Tues or Thurs at 430 or 530 in February please let me know and we’ll take a closer look at that. 


When you can’t make it to one of our great classes (MWF 1035 or TTHSAT 830), try this 20-min workout:


5 Full-Body Workouts You Can Do at Home | Bodybuilding.com2. Advanced Strength Builder. If you’re a little more advanced and are looking to build up your strength, this workout will do the job nicely. While you probably won’t have a maximum amount of weight available at home, you do have the ability to build up intensity by increasing the total time under


How to build a better (virtual) school yearAs students return to school this month after a much-needed winter break, they’ll bring with them lots of lessons honed during a rough 2020 school year filled with challenges and inconsistencies …
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