One more time! New YOGA and Aerobics Schedule for January!

MW 530 pm and TTHFRI 935 am will be Step aerobics. 

TTH 430 pm and MW 935 am will be Zumba. 

Fri 530 pm and SAT 1035 remain Zumba. 

SUN 1035 is still Step. 

YOGA is MWF 1035 am and TTHSAT 830 am.

MW 635 pm MixxedFit is on hold while Devan recovers from her shoulder injury.


There are some really great short videos here for increasing total body flexibility.

This Tight Hips Test Will Tell You When It’s Time To Stretch | Well+GoodIf most of 2020 has involved trips from your bed to your desk to your couch, you’ve probably got an inkling that your hips are tighter than usual (the soreness you feel every time you sit down or

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