I want your work! Both in the gym and in the kitchen! Currently we offer free nutrition support to our training clients, including free measures for those who are willing to do the tracking that is required, but $149/mo is a lot to spend if you aren’t getting results, and if you’re going to pay AlamoShape it needs to be worth it. 

It actually only takes 2-3 good workouts a week for a person to maintain their fitness levels, but if you’re trying to lose fat and/or gain muscle it requires daily work in the kitchen. It doesn’t mean you have to be thinking about what you’re eating all the time, but if you want to be on autopilot it does require planning which starts even before you walk in the grocery store. Meal prep and timing are key to your body composition goals.

Make a commitment to your future self to start 2023 on the right track. Get to the gym most days of the week for resistance training, cardio, or flexibility. Find a nutrition plan that works for you. I can meet with you, send you tips to read and apply, or you can use weight loss apps like Noom or MyFitnessPal as well as programs like Weight Watchers. There is no magic when it comes to nutrition, there’s just finding the way that works for you. 


We have all regular training and classes Mon-Wed of this week, but starting Thursday we have the following changes for the holidays:

Thurs Dec 22: Usual morning training and classes, but no training that evening. Ask for a key if you’d like to workout.

Fri Morning Dec 23: A special 830 yoga class, no training or Step that morning and no 735 am Yoga, but we do have training that evening 430 and 530.

Sat Dec 24: Regular schedule of training at 935.

Sun Dec 25: No training or Step, but ask for a key if you like. 

Mon Dec 26: No training, but we will have a special yoga class at 830, Zumba at 935, and Step at 530 pm. Check with me about 635 MixxedFit and of course ask for a key if you want to workout during the day. 

Dec 27-Dec 31: We have our regular training and classes the following week, all the way through Dec 31.

It’s the time of year where we are apt to take a lot of photos, so why not make each shot a great one! The articles at this link cover tips regarding a variety of picture-taking opportunities for kids and adults. https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/pages/topic/photo-tips

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