Learning how to play the piano or drive a car could certainly be done on your own, but how much faster would it be if you had a professional who could show you what to do from the first, without a lot of wasted time and fruitless effort? This is where our AlamoCafe nutritional consultants come in.  They can make your weight loss journey a more successful one and shorter, too! We encourage you to review the AlamoCafe Menu of Services and decide which consultation fits your needs best.  If you feel confident you can make progress on your own thats cool, too, and we are providing you with information here that will help you get there!

Some of our clients compete in fitness/bikini/figure competitons. Charlotte wanted to lose 20 more pounds before her competition in order to be in the best shape possible.  Darla needed to lose about 10-15 to compete in her category. Maybe you have a wedding you will be part of or perhaps your doctor has told you that you are in the danger zone for heart attack, stroke, or diabetes.  Maybe you are just tired of carrying around extra weight and want to move more easily or fit into your favorite clothes, or just be able to run with your kids.

Stating your goals in writing and even verbally to others is an important way to start your journey. Including why you want to make change helps to remind you of the value of your decision. Darla and Charlotte both committed to their goals well before their competitions.  They had to think long and hard about what was involved to be ready to be onstage in a swimsuit.  Commiting on paper, by e-mail, or in person to an AlamoCafe consultant will help you take your new project seriously.

The first step is finding out how much weight you need (or want) to lose. Use this BMI chart to find your current height/weight and where medical science says you should be. Be realistic and if you are obese just try to get to the overweight range. If you are overweight get to the normal weight range. If you are on the high end of that consider if your bone structure allows for you to lose a few pounds to get to the low end. We don’t encourage going below 18.5 on the BMI chart. If you don’t have 10 lbs to lose on the scale but want to lose 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle we can do that, too!

You have to know what you are eating and how much you are exercising and then have a plan in order to reach your goals….kind of like the syllabus in a college class. There has to be a daily commitment…you can’t read your whole chemistry book in one night and you can’t lose 10 lbs in one week.  A little bit each day will make you successful.  If you backslide one day or two make up for it and get back on track…you haven’t lost the race:

“Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.”— F Scott Fitzgerald.

In order to lose 1-2 pounds a week plan on cutting out 250-500 calories from your diet every day and adding 250 calories worth of cardiovascular exercise every day (run, walk, swim, bike, Zumba, Step, Turbo, Low Impact Aerobics)  You can get all the info you need on these steps at Spark People or follow the steps below.  You’ll need to know how many calories your body needs at your height/weight/age.  Use this Harris-Benedict formula to get an accurate number.

Get a book to count calories (usually only $8 at the bookstore or go online to www.nutritiondata.com or www.caloriecount.com


Figure out how many calories you burn doing various exercises at www.sparkpeople.com (make it cardio…not housecleaning or bowling!)

Check out our schedule of over 140 classes a month.  Try to come to something different every day!  We like seeing you and all your friends are here anyway!  Soft and Super Shape students have lost tremendous amounts of weight: Sherrie and Ginger both 30+ pounds, Trina 20 pounds. Kathy and Candice are rounding the bend with more than 30 lbs each in SuperShape. Eileen lost 45 pounds, Jere lost 20, Michelle 35 and Stephanie over 50 pounds in 5 months in SoftShape. Aneta and Megan each lost 60+ pounds in our training programs!

Use this form to track your measurements.

Note how many calories you eat and how many cardio calories you burn every day on this form or this Excel form.


Email us with any questions you have regarding the above at rmf44@msn.com.
Weight loss isn’t hard…it just involves the acknowledgment that our bodies are healthier and move more easily when the nutritional/exercise balance is a good one. You are worth the effort it takes to learn about what your body needs and how it moves. It isn’t about deprivation either…you can eat the foods you like if you fit them into your budget.  Having a favorite treat now and then is fine, just budget your other calories so that you can fit it in.  If you cut back on other fried/fatty/empty calories wherever you can then you would be able to have a candy bar every single day and not gain weight…if that’s what helps you get through the day! Its like a checkbook…you get so much you can spend every day and you decide how you are going to divvy it up.  As long as you stay in your budget you’ll be okay.  Of course if you spend your rent money on earrings, well that day you won’t feel so great, right?  Taking responsibility for calories in and calories out gives us a sense of accomplishment and ensures greater success towards our weight loss goals.

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