Hannah Nowak

Hannah is a certified yoga instructor who has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training certified by Yoga Alliance.

I have always had a heart for helping people, and yoga is helping to fulfill that desire.  My journey in yoga is fairly new, but none-the-less impactful.

I began attending yoga classes with a friend while living in England.  At first it was merely a physical practice to help get in shape.  A couple months, a serious diagnosis, and move to New Mexico later, I began to discover the mental health benefits of yoga as well.  My study of yoga has led me to explore many different styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, hot vinyasa, power yoga, hatha flow, massage yoga, yin, and restorative.  I have also attended a mindfulness workshop learning how to quiet the chatter in the mind and live fully present in each and every moment.  Finding not only physical strength but also mental resiliency, it is my desire to share this with others so they too can enjoy these many benefits.

  • Yoga Alliance RYT® 200