Fri evening/Sat morning

I didn’t take off a Sunday this month, but I will be taking off this Fri evening and Sat morning. Please use your key and come in for workouts 6 or 7, Booty Day or MetCon. 

Jen will teach a special yoga class Fri morning at 935 after our training session.


June will be a long month of 5 weeks and starts this Sun May 28 and goes through Sat Jul 1. Please make your payment asap for June and if you need to postdate your check that is fine, too. 


I’m sharing this for one of our members whose children attend this school. Extreme changes were made without parent input or warning. If you’ve heard about this loving little school and would like to make a difference, please consider signing and sharing.


Bread doesn’t make you fat, carbs don’t make you fat. Extra calories you don’t need/use will be stored as fat. If having a hearty sandwich keeps you from snacking the remainder of the afternoon, you’ve done good! Replace the basil with spinach, the mozzarella with chicken or mild-flavored fish, and the ciabatta with sourdough for a variation on this tasty lunch.

Caprese SandwichThis caprese sandwich is fresh from the basil and hearty from thick, crusty ciabatta. The sun-dried tomatoes deepen the flavor.


1 Kettle Bell, 7 moves, 10 minutes

  1. Offset push up
  2. Single hand deadlift
  3. Single arm row
  4. Kettlebell clean
  5. Squat
  6. Strict press
  7. Kettlebell snatch

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