• Thurs Dec 15: All regular classes and training.
  • Fri Dec 16: We’ll have morning training and Step, but nothing that evening. We can hook you up with a key.
  • Sat Dec 17: No training on this day. Again, we can hook you up with a key
  • Sun Dec 18-21No changes to the schedule 🙂

Low-impact standing dumbbell workout
The article with the list of exercises is here and the link to the video is below that.
Follow the workout video here:

Merry Christmas! Be sure to pick up your foaming soap tablet near the sign-in sheet. It’s an environmentally friendly way to fill up your soap bottle next time it’s empty. Just fill it up with water and drop in the tablet; in minutes you’ll have a creamy, lightly scented hand soap with no plastic waste. We are currently using this type of cleaning product for our wood and tile floors, bathrooms, etc. Below are links to two of the companies we use: and and both products can be found on Amazon.

Tirtyl | Australia’s #1 Zero-Waste Hand Soap
Tirtyl create ocean & climate-friendly cleaning and personal care products that are better for your home, wallet and planet. Proudly plastic-negative and recently ranked the #1 home care store in Australia. We’re on a mission to make products & profits that “unwaste”. Shop now.
Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products | Blueland“Excellent. Impeccable products. These fragrances are my favorite: fresh, clean, and subtle. The foam is rich and frothy, leaves a nice sensation on the skin (even my super sensitive, allergic skin), and it saves so much plastic from becoming contaminant waste!

7 Imaginative Ways to Use Hot Chocolate Mix This Winter
“You don’t need a mug to make these decadent treats. Not sure how to use all that hot cocoa mix in your pantry? Put it to good use with these creative and chocolatey recipes. If you’re still craving a toasty drink, don’t worry. We’re definitely not opposed to an extra mug of cocoa on the side. Disclaimer: When preparing these recipes, avoid hot chocolate or cocoa mixes that contain powdered milk or dairy products — they can change the texture and structure of each dish.”

7 Hot Chocolate Mix Recipes | FN Dish – Behind-the-Scenes, Food Trends, and Best Recipes : Food Network | Food Network
You don’t need a mug to make these decadent treats.
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