This ‘long month’ of training is coming to a close with the last 2 cancelled days of training being Wed and Fri, Mar 2 & 4. We won’t have any training sessions on those two days but we will have our regular morning classes on a different time schedule: Step will be at 835 and Yoga will be at 930 on Wed and Fri this week. 

As always, if you’d like to get in a training session anyway on the cancelled days just let me know and I’ll hook you up with someone who has a key or lend you one for you to use yourself. 


Good guide for putting these together to properly feed your muscles. I’ve also included a screenshot of the chart.


Even if it doesn’t move the scale much, the benefits are tremendous, experts say.

A jogger on the river walk in San Antonio, Texas.Exercise and weight loss: New science reveals how it affects cells in the bodyExercise for weight loss and its link to long life is explored in new research. Exercise carries many health benefits, independent of how much weight loss


Recall that for those who came to the nutrition workshop and completed the BMR calculation sheet I will provide you with some nutrition guidance in the form of suggestions for caloric intake/macro ratios/food suggestions, but you have to do that initial work with your calculator, lol. It’s not hard, you just need your weight/height/age.

Once you know your suggested caloric intake we can make it really easy by using a 33/33/33 approach to nutrition as long as you do not have any underlying health issues. So, 33% of each macro (protein/healthy fats/carbs), with a suggestion for a minimum of 100 gr of protein per day and 35-40 gr of fiber per day.

Here are a food few ideas with approx numbers to make it easy to calculate; refer to the back of the food package for more accurate numbers. It won’t hurt to go a little bit over on the protein, just make sure you get a full 25 gr at each serving to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Measure your food uncooked.

Protein 25 gr for each of these below: 

Chicken breast

4 oz of lean pork or lean beef

Large piece of fish

5 egg whites (eat just 2 of the yolks)

16 oz of Fairlife fat-free milk (if you have room in the day for more fat eat the reduced or full-fat version)

1 cup of Faje non-fat greek yogurt  (if you have room in the day for more fat eat the reduced or full-fat version)


Avocado about 10 gr in one half

Nuts 1/4 cup of most nuts have about 15 g of fat

Olive oil 10 gr in a tablespoon

Eggs 6 gr per egg

Fatty fish (i.e. salmon/mackerel/sardines 10 gr of fat in 3 oz; trout/catfish 5-10 gr in 3 oz)

You can get the rest of your fat from your dairy if you choose, including hard cheeses


Blackberries have about 8 gr in a cup

Raspberries about 6 gr in a cup

Blueberries/strawberries about 3-4 gr in a cup

Apple, banana, carrots, all have about 3 gr per cup.

Quinoa has 3 gr of fiber and 6 gr protein in 1/4 c uncooked.

Oatmeal has about 4 gr of fiber in 1/2 cup of uncooked rolled oats.

Peppers, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts all have approx 3-5 gr of fiber in cup

Beans of most sorts lentils, black, pinto, etc have about 8 gr fiber in a cup.

It’s okay to go higher in your fiber, just do it gradually

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