We will not have training this Sunday, Dec 13, but I hope to see you in Step class at 1035 am. 

We will not have training on Saturday, Dec 19, but please try Zumba at 935 am. 

We will not have training or classes on Friday, Dec 25. 

Let me know if you’re interested in a coed Christmas Eve workout at 430 or 530. We’ll definitely have the morning sessions that day and 835 will be coed as well. The same will go for Thursday, New Year’s Eve.

December training will go through Saturday, Jan 2nd. We’ll have new workout plans in January!

14-min Basic yoga


With weekend and evening classes coming soon! And regular yoga in the evenings if you are interested. It will all start in January, so let us know what you’re interested in. 


Since some of you have essential workers in your home you may want to invest in one of these. There is a calculator to see what size you need for the room you spend the most time in with your family.

Will an air purifier protect against covid-19? – The Washington PostThe two experts are not advising that you rely on purifiers to entertain company. “Having people into your home for a meal or perhaps staying several days is a big concern as the holidays …


Even if you don’t put out rat poison, your neighbor might.

Keeping Pets Away From Rodenticide PoisoningRodenticides are one of the most common poisonings among pets, with one pet poison control center in Italy saying they represented 27.6% of calls
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