Cleaning house

We’ve got too much damn stuff! Seriously, we’re selling off the extras of things we have, including extra dumbbells, weight plates, barbells. One dollar a pound for the weights. For example, a 45-pound weight plate is $45, a pair is $90.  Go online and compare the prices, it’s a great deal! We’re also selling a few extra benches, a treadmill that’s really best for running, not walking, and a couple of extra bikes, an extra weight tree and a hyperextension bench. We’re putting this out to our members first. You can email me to let me know what you want, but first come, first served. If you want to look at what is going out the door, meet me tomorrow at 845 am, 445 pm, and 715 pm.


This is the last week of training for July. August training starts Sun Aug 6 and ends Sat Sept 2. Instead of taking off a Monday morning this month I’m going to take off this Wed morning, Aug 2. I’ll be there for 430 training and 530 Step. 

100,000 starlings…

…moving in unison. Put to music it is a calming 2 minutes.

“Thankfully, they don’t collide. After research, they have found evidence that each starling in the flock communicates with just 6 or 7 starlings. They follow their cues and copy their movements. So when one bird moves, its nearest neighbours will do the same, and so on, which propagates a wave-like movement that pulses through the entire flock. Their metabolism, and thus their reaction time, is so fast that they can adjust quickly. Since they all have the same fast, but equal, reaction time, they are each able to keep the same position relative to the entire group and the birds near them, as the group changes direction.”

If you want to know more about this phenomenon the photographer has a blog here:

How to Store Basil—and Prevent It From Wilting

Learn how to store basil and keep it fresh for your soups, salads, sauces, and more.

How to Store Basil—and Prevent It From Wilting
This expert guide explains how to to store basil and preserve its freshness, flavor, and color.
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