Charlotte DuBois


As a person that struggled with being obese since childhood, I understand the need for a solid understanding of good nutrition and health.   As a child I dreamed of being a cheerleader and playing volleyball however my weight and associated self consciousness stopped me from living those dreams.  For my entire life, I have loved fashion and beautiful clothes and wanted to wear them confidently but pretty clothes don’t look good on an overweight person.  I was tormented and teased my whole life for being overweight. I trudged through the silent depression and put on a happy face and painted an outward picture of being happy, healthy and as if I felt good about myself.  I even taught aerobics classes and thought I was in good shape at one point in my life.


When I turned 40 I thought I was going to die! I was having chest pain, my back hurt and my knees could not tolerated climbing only a few steps to the front door.  The time came to make some changes.  Working out was always something I enjoyed.  Since I remained obese, it was obvious that I enjoyed eating also!  Making changes in my diet behavior made huge differences.  I began journaling my food choices and training hard with Rosemarie and AlamoShape.  Good nutrition made all the difference for me!  I have learned to eat right and supply my body with nutritious meals that fuel my body and mind while keeping my weight under control.

Through excellent nutrition and consistency of making that a priority in my life, I have maintained a 100 pound weight loss;  have competed in two figure competitions and have run several 10k races, three 1/2 marathons and completed a full marathon as well.  My biggest accomplishment however, is helping other women and men reach their own personal fitness and nutrition goals.  I do this by offering nutritional consulting/coaching and personal training.  I believe the kitchen and training room have to work together and be an extension of each other for great health and fitness.

I have improved my self esteem, done magic for my health, and have accomplished physical goals in the gym and in my life I never dreamed possible. I also look great in those clothes I always dreamed of wearing!  Whatever your goals are, you must fill your tool box with the tools to make them a reality!  Remember that health is first and looking good is the bonus!

  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Step Instructor
  • Personal Trainer