“My father used to say to me this quote all the time: ‘Character is fate.’  And I think, in this lifetime, who you are decides your ending, and how your life will go. And now, as an older person, I realize that is one of the most accurate things I’ve ever heard.” – Jennifer Coolidge

(While some of this is written from the perspective of a woman, I’m pretty sure that Ms Coolidge would say it applies to anyone. A really refreshing short article; you can hear the authenticity in her voice.)

Jennifer Coolidge Has Some Life Advice for You
After winning more awards in the last year than she garnered nominations in her entire career, Coolidge is offering hope to late bloomers.


My grandkids in SF are sick, so I will be here this weekend and hope to see you at all training sessions and Step! I’ll let you know which weekend I’ll be gone as soon as we are sure. Thanks for your patience.

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