Reminder, September training starts Sunday, August 28 and continues through Sat Oct 1st. This is a ‘long month’ with 5 weeks in it, so we take off extra days during the month. Sat/Sun training this weekend is cancelled (as is Sunday Step), but there will be several people with keys going in to workout. Let me know if you want me to hook you up with them. 


Meal Plans vs. Flexible Dieting for Fat Loss – bodybuilding.comFat-Loss Method 2: Counting Macros. Macros, short for macronutrients, are the protein, carbohydrates, and fats present in the foods you eat. Each food contains varying amounts of each macronutrient, which determines how many calories it has and how “good” the food is for your particular

Remember, Charlotte DuBois, CNP, was successful with over 100 pounds of weight loss. She manages the GCRMC weight loss program and can help you, too! Call (575) 437-1900 or you can also listen to Charlotte’s podcast about the weight management program at

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