Our training only package remains just $5/day ($149/month, pif) but with the addition of the Zumba classes we’re going back to our regular pricing of $20 extra instead of just $6 for the combination training/aerobics package, so that is $169 for May. If you are continuing any of our programs in May please make your payment (or a postdated check) by Wed April 27, thank you.


We are stripping down our old aerobics room. 

Mirrors: three 4×10 and one 4×8 mirror, $75 each or all 4 for a total of $200, cash only, you move. 

Laminate flooring: 1500 sq ft, at least 750 of it in good shape, includes all trim and underlayment, $375 total (.50/sq ft), cash only, you move.


We are so glad to have Lisa back teaching Zumba on Tues/Thurs afternoons. She’s going to continue to do that but will also add some morning Zumba based on her fluctuating schedule at her other job. 

  • Lisa will teach Zumba on Mon/Wed at 935 on May 9, 11, 23 & 25.
  • Lee will continue to teach Yoga on her regular schedule, TTH 830 am.
  • Jen will teach Yoga MWF at 730 am.
  • I’ll teach Step Mon-Fri at 935 am except for the MW’s that Lisa has Zumba (we’ll still have 1035 Sunday Step).

I’ll try to send an update each weekend for the coming week. 


We will take off Thurs evening Apr 28 and the morning of Fri Apr 29.  Jen will teach a special 830 Yoga class this Friday instead of 730 Yoga (no step on this day). We won’t take off a Sunday this month. 


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