We’re off to a great start! AC is up and running and feeling good! Ray Hull of RayTech worked on ours and did a good job with what we have.  

Zumba with Lisa was a big hit with 9 people at the first class and 10 at the second, whoo-hoo! Great to see some beautiful smiles we haven’t seen in a while!

April ShapeTraining goes from Apr 3-30th. We’ll take off Fri evening Apri 22, and Sat Apr 23. The following week will take off Thurs evening Apr 28 and the morning of Fri Apr 29. We won’t take off a Sunday this month. 


Tips for preparing.

Brain food for kids

Great article, but a quick rundown here: 

Blueberries, blackberries, Raspberries, dark cherries, mulberries, and goji berries are other superstars in this category.

Plums fresh or dried (prunes); Chia seeds and raw cacao—the ingredient in dark chocolate—also contain tryptophan.

Sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens.

Fish; while cod and tilapia have fatty acids, if you can, “focus on cold-water fatty fish. Some of the most DHA-rich fish are salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, and herring, easily remembered with the acronym SMASH.” Make an elevated fish stick: “First dip a fish filet in a bowl of egg, then into a bowl of finely crushed pistachios, almonds, breadcrumbs, and salt. Finish by sautéing in coconut or extra virgin olive oil.”

NM Opportunity Scholarship 2022

“What certificate programs qualify? Students enrolled in certain certificate programs leading to careers in high-need fields including healthcare, education, STEM, and technical trades are eligible to receive the Opportunity Scholarship. The Higher Education Department will work with the Department of Workforce Solutions to release a list of eligible programs each year.”

“The Opportunity Scholarship is only available for students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. However, if you plan to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in a high-need workforce field, you may be eligible for one of our loan-for-service programs. You can learn more about these programs on our website at”


This article has some links to some good resources. 

search and rescue, nonverbal teen lost, project lifelineA nonverbal teen is rescued after smashing rocks together – Upworthy
A 16-year-old developmentally disabled teen went on a hike with his mother and sister in the mountains near Los Angeles on the morning of Sunday, April 3 when he ran off into the trees and
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