Important exercises to do

For everyone, not just women! We do some version of all of these exercises in our training. A few notes: 

  • The EZ curl bar overhead extension can be done with one or two dumbbells. 
  • Several people have experienced back issues with the Sumo Squat. If you choose to do the wide leg Sumo start out with a lighter weight and progress carefully. 
  • The Bulgarian Split Squat can be done using the TRX but you can also just do a regular lunge if either of these versions are too difficult.

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The rest of this weekend and next

Please see the corrected schedule for this week and next week’s schedule with extra Zumba!

  • Friday, May 20: We won’t have Yoga
  • Monday, May 23:
  • We won’t have Yoga  
  • We will have a special yoga class with Lee at 830 
  • Lisa will start her week of MW 935 Zumba.
  • Evelyn will wrap up the day with 530 pm Zumba!
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