We have restarted the TTH 430 pm Yoga and Zumba classes which alternate weeks. If you would like to come in and get your weight training workout at that time please make sure it is on a week when we have Zumba, not Yoga, just so we can keep the noise level down. 

We also have Yoga alternating weeks MW at 935 and every week TTH 835 and Friday 1035. I’ll attach the schedule again so that you can save it to your device. 

The only other time you can’t come in to get a workout is Sunday afternoons from 12-4 when we have multiple things going on such as a couple that uses the club for ballroom dancing, and our facility cleaning taking place. Other than these ‘quiet times’ we should have 24/7 access available for all training members soon.


We do all of these moves in our training and Booty Day workouts. 

Glute exercises: 6 to try that both strengthen and tone | Marie Claire UK
Home; Life; Health And Fitness; Glute exercises are one of the easiest ways to strengthen and tone: 6 best to try, according to top PT’s. The only moves you need for bigger, stronger glutes.


5 best kettlebell exercises for beginners to build muscle and strength. We do all of them in our training program.

5 best kettlebell exercises for beginners to build muscle and strength
According to research by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning (opens in new tab), consistent biweekly kettlebell workouts could improve maximal and explosive strength.For example, coaches …


Women don’t have to die from cervical cancer

We have the tools to prevent cervical cancer but fail to use them effectively. 


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