This weekend and NEXT YEAR
OMG, “Next Year” is Sunday! Please make your payment for January as soon as possible. Our landlord needs our $$$ on time, yikes! We can always take postdated checks, it at least helps with planning.

If you are not going to continue please let me know asap as well. We’ve got some big changes coming up for 2023 with a 24/7 set up in the works! Yep, by mid-January all training clients will have keycode access for more training options including free Peloton and IFIT workouts as well as a new Echelon Interactive Fitness Mirror, all at no extra charge. We’ll keep you posted! 

We will be open for training and classes this weekend and Monday as well, with 935 Yoga, 530 Step and 635 MixxedFit. On Friday, Dec 30 we’ll have a special 830 Yoga class. I should be fully recovered from a tornado of strep and flu by that time! If you’ve got little ones in daycare be extra vigilant this season…I promise you do not want this combo!

TUES/THURS 430 PM ZUMBA AND YOGA! Tuesday, January 3rd starts our alternating weeks of 430 pm Tues/Thurs Zumba and Yoga, whoo-hoo!!

SATURDAY MORNING MIXXEDFIT!! Begins Sat Jan 14 at 10:35 am!

Glutes and Core
Let’s be clear, you can absolutely build muscle using bodyweight workouts if you are a beginner. You can maintain your muscle to a degree if you are an advanced lifter, but nothing beats a bit of iron to help you get to your goals faster. 
“Check out this fast-paced, no-equipment exercise routine for a stronger core and glutes.”

Complete Proteins
You’ve heard it before, one of the most important factors in building muscle and losing fat is an adequate protein intake.
“Plenty of Foods Have Protein, But These Foods Are ‘Complete Proteins.’

Those who have specific goals that hinge upon muscle mass, like bodybuilding aspirations, for instance, can certainly pair up their proteins to optimal levels. Here’s what it means to eat a complete (or an incomplete) protein, according to a registered dietitian.”

Complete Protein Food Sources
Protein is all the rage these days, and lately the message seems to be that we’re still not getting enough. This key macronutrient, found in a variety of foods, provides lasting energy, fuel for tissue growth and repair, and the means for hormone and enzyme creation in our bodies (among other amazing benefits).The high-protein trend has been with us for nearly a decade and doesn’t seem to …
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