Your Life

...Only Better

Your Life

...Only Better

There is no Secret, just Train your Ass off

There is no Secret,
just Train your Ass off

Personal Training

Aerobics Classes


In a small group or individually!

Only $39 per month for unlimited classes!

Real Nutrition, Real Easy

Personal training can give you back what time and stress may have taken away. It can also help you have a future that is safer, stronger, more fulfilling than you could ever imagine. Isn’t it about time you invested in your life? In your health? Personal training on your schedule, for your needs.

These classes are just for us girls! Work out in a distinctly feminine atmosphere. With no contracts, no salesperson hassles, no stress, you are guaranteed a fun, effective workout in a comfortable, secure atmosphere with people you know and like!

Personalized nutrition services geared towards your real life.  Let our certified nutritionists help you to reach your weight loss and/or health goals.  One-on-one sessions will ensure your success. Available by single session or cost-effective monthly packages.

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